Magento Vs. Shopify: The Affordability Face-off

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Magento Vs. Shopify: The Affordability Face-off

Let’s say you have the best portfolio products. You decide to sell it online. You know your products are aligned with the needs of your consumers. Do you think your store will take-off? While the quality offering is undoubtedly an essential element of a successful Ecommerce store, you need a quality platform first to build your store on. This is why it is vital to research and select the best Ecommerce platform 2019 has.

When it comes to leading platforms, Magento and Shopify have managed to take the top 2 spots in the industry. You must select either of the two to launch your website on. There are various ways you can conduct an Ecommerce platform comparison. Elements like the ease of use, scalability, flexibility, and themes are important. But, nothing is more important than affordability, especially for small businesses.

Let’s see which of the two is better in terms of offering affordable packages to merchants.

Build cost- Winner: Shopify

In terms of offering the lower build cost, Shopify wins. Shopify delivers a low build cost because its projects don’t need much of backend development. The less integration boils down to cheaper build cost rates than Magento. While Shopify’s build cost doesn’t increase more than $100k, in Magento the cost ranges from $150 to $500k.

Maintenance Cost- Winner: Shopify

Once you have launched your website on a platform, you must then invest in maintaining it as well. This includes fixing bugs and updating the platform frequently to get the best experience. Here too Shopify tends to be cheaper. Magento, since it is self-hosted, is quite expensive since you have to pay for everything that you do an update.

License Costs: Winner: Tie

License cost is something that you have to pay in both Magento and Shopify. While the actual fee may vary as per your generated revenue, they are comparable in both platforms.


It is safe to conclude that Shopify is undoubtedly the more affordable option of the two. Now, this will only be a good indicator of quality for you, if you care about getting a cheap platform that functions impeccably. But, if you want the best experience platform and don’t care about the price of it all, Magento might be a better choice. Especially if you have an enterprise level business.

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